Body Clean Detox. Cleaning House Picture


Body Clean Detox. Cleaning House Picture

Body Clean Detox

body clean detox

body clean detox - Drho 2000u

Drho 2000u Detox Digestive 30day Plan System Helps Clean Your

Drho 2000u Detox Digestive 30day Plan System Helps Clean Your

Our bodies are victim to stress, pollution, toxins and unhealthy diets. Most people are too busy to look after themselves properly. Juggling time between work, travel and family leaves little time to prepare and eat healthy all the time. Consumption of fast food, refined carbohydrates, packaged foods, red meat, alcohol, soft drinks, junk food, deep fried foods, food containing high level of sugar, salt and saturated oils. Certain medications, stress, rushing around, poor bowel habits can impact your overall good health and well-being. With the environmental toxins in the food, water, air and in our homes, our body's detoxification process needs help to detoxify the toxins we encounter everyday. We shower and bath our outer body daily, we brush our teeth daily, we change the oil and filter in our car regularly, and we clean our car and our home daily. Think what your dirty dishes would look like in a few days if you do not clean them after a meal. Think about what you are putting into your body everyday, your digestive system is working very hard digesting, absorbing and eliminating. That is why it is important to support your body's natural detoxification process. Keeping your intestines and colon clean is one of the most important daily routines for maintaining health; it's your healthy choice. Cleansing and detoxifying your body helps promote regularity. Regular bowel movements help eliminate accumulated toxins and waste that may be extremely harmful to our bodies.

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Mmm, juice - Day 2 of 3

Mmm, juice - Day 2 of 3

We thought a juice fast would be something interesting to try, and in the research I did, 3 days seems to be pretty common - short enough that it feels do-able but long enough that it is possible for significant changes to take effect, mentally and/or physically.

Fasting and detoxification has come up a lot in my courses and when discussing these things I wanted to be able to speak from experience. Also in the spirit of spring cleaning we thought it would be an interesting experiment.

Yesterday I felt pretty good. Luke had a headache and was feeling generally pretty lousy, but he also went without coffee and cycled downtown and juggled for 3 hours.

Today Luke had a lot more energy and I decided to do my regular yoga but not to do the full series as I have been doing. I was going to stop when I got tired but I felt really strong and "in the zone" and so continued on for the full practice and it was great.

I got pretty tired in the afternoon but was kept busy by Luke who was in full Spring cleaning mode. I really think that although the physical benefits to doing a fast or detox can be very remarkable, the mental aspect can be overlooked. I feel almost like my whole body cheers while I'm drinking pure vegetable and fruit goodness and I can see how people can really benefit from the feeling of starting fresh. Even just the sense of accomplishment for sticking to it makes you feel pretty strong.

We walked downtown for a movie tonight and we both feel pretty good right now. Only one more day! Then we get to ease off the fast, which seems to be just as important as the fast itself. S-L-O-W seems to be the way to go. Some grains, salads and cooked vegetables first, then gently easing back to normal.

The juice in this photo is one of the better juices we've had and definitely one of the better looking ones - those healthy greens sure do make for ugly green-brown juices! This one has a whole pineapple, 5 oranges and a yam - who knew you could juice a yam! That made just over 2 full glasses worth of juice. I really don't mind the beet/carrot/celery/spinach type juices but Luke had more tropical drinks in mind when he suggested we try the fast in the first place. Berries are good, watermelon and red grapes are really good too, but very sweet.

I walked in the elevator today and I swear someone was just bringing home a McChicken. I can't remember the last time I ate McDs food but it smelled sooo good. Mmm, shredded iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise.

Ok, that's an awfully long photo caption, especially for only a mediocre photo, but it's been an interesting couple of days for us and I'm really interested in the subject. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Please eat an extra chocolate egg for us. PLEASE!!

Lyme Detox

Lyme Detox

This is the my body detoxing through my head. My scalp still gets wet and used to get scabs. My hair feels greasy in a matter of hours and used to be very dry. My body cannot handle toxins because of Lyme (regular soap, shampoo, cleaning products, anything with toxins, I cannot touch or I will get sick). Plus I have large amounts of bacteria dying off in my body since I am getting treatment.

It's mostly associated with Bartonella. Yes, I have "Cat Scratch Fever"! That is another infection the damn tick that bit me had.

It's even better when you detox through your mouth :D You mostly detox through your head. In my mouth, I get things that seem like canker sores every once in a while.

I have to use methods to detox every day such as drinks, epsom salt baths, raise my body temp every day (saunas, hot tubs, hot baths) and I take a medication for it.

Remove those ticks properly and check for them!

body clean detox

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